Adding Your Work to the Bolivar Cutter Rug Gallery


Adding Your Work to the Bolivar Cutter Rug Gallery

There are two ways to have your work added to the gallery: 1) by email and 2) by regular mail. Note that while this service is free that only rugs that have been hooked with fabric cut with the Bolivar Fabric Cutter can be accepted.

By Email

1) Take digital pictures of your work. Note that the total resolution of the pictures must be greater than 1,000 pixels. That is the length plus the width of the pictures must be greater than 1,000. For example a 640 X 480 pixel picture would have a resolution of 1,120 pixels, a 800 X 600 picture would have a total resolution of 1,400 pixles, and so on.

2) Email each picture in a separate message to . The subject of the email should be "Gallery Submission". Be sure to include a caption for your work.

3) When your work has been added to the site we will send you a confirming email.

By Regular Mail

1) Take photos of your work. Ideally these should be 5 X 7 inches, however in a pinch 4 X 6 inches will work.

2) Write a caption on the back of each picture. Be careful not to press too hard when you write on the back of the photo as you may damage the image in the front side.

3) Mail your photos to:
Rug Gallery Submission
Bolivar Fabric Cutter
P.O. Box 539,
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
Canada B4V 2X6

4) Include a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) if you would like the photos mailed back.


1) Try using a flash when taking pictures of your hooked rugs. The colours tend to be more vibrant when a camera flash is used.

2) Avoid having any shadows cast over the rug.

2) Try holding the camera directly over the middle of the rug. Taking pictures from an edge of the rug usually results in some distortion such that a square or rectangular rug will look trapazoid shaped. Round rugs will have an oval shape, etc.

3) If possible place the rug on a flat black background.