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Joan Bolivar

an eMemorial

This eMemorial is in loving memory of Joan Bolivar who was overcome with cancer and passed away in May, 2011, aged 75 years.

Amongst her many life accomplishments, Joan provided the original inspiration for the Bolivar Cutter. In the late 1980s, Joan, a life long artisan, discovered rug hugging. Joan became very active in the local Nova Scotia rug hooking scene and discovered a real passion for the craft. However she, and a number of others, experienced some challenges with using the available wool cutters that were on the market. They were not solid and the blades seemingly always needed sharpening.

Joan's husband Bruce, a retired machinist, had built a machine shop where he provided services for the local fishing industry and was always happy to help Joan (and fellow rug hookers) to sharpen the blades of these wool cutting machines.

Bruce felt certain that he could design a better fabric cutter that would better suit the rigors of cutting wool, and that would also self sharpen. And so, with the encouragement of his partner Joan, the Bolivar Cutter was born. Bruce and Joan have sold thousands of Bolivar Cutters around the world and the business continues to boom along.

Joan will always be missed by her family and dear friends, and her legacy will live on through the Bolivar Cutter.