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Bruce Bolivar

an eMemorial

This eMemorial is in loving memory of Bruce Bolivar who was passed away suddenly in November, 2021, aged 75 years.

To know Bruce a person needs to know that he was steeped in the world of mechanical things his entire life. His father (Walter) built a diesel powered saw mill on the Dayspring Cemetery road that turned logs into lumber. His grandfather (Albert) built a two story water wheel on Rhodenizer Lake that powered a grinding stone for grain. Albert also had a workshop with tools that were powered by a windmill. The men would tend the nearby field while waiting for some wind – at which point they would go to the shop and resume working on their projects.

Bruce was an accomplished machinist and mechanic – though he did not like working on cars. He liked to do renovations and was good at carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. He always maintained a workshop in our house and encouraged his children to use it to fix things and make things out of wood and metal.

Bruce preferred the company of nearby friends and relatives over a Caribbean cruise. He enjoyed gardening and always had a veggie patch on the go. He was into being environmental and installed a solar powered water heater at his home. He learned to use a computer at age 79.

Bruce’s career was powered by his hands on mechanical skills. He was part of a team that setup and maintained manufacturing facilities in various local areas. He mostly lived in Dartmouth, but also made career moves to St. Johns, Montreal, and Red Deer.

Bruce was a dedicated family man. He watched over us. Encouraged us to do our own thing, but intervened when needed. Bruce believed in his children. He encouraged them to follow their dreams. He was a great sounding board for topics big and small. Very wise and often had remarkable insight into the behaviour of other people.

Later in his career Bruce developed the Bolivar Cutter. This device is used to cut fabric into strips for rug hooking. The project started out as a response to his wife's (Joan) difficulty with exitsing fabric cutters. And then it grew to a full time business.

There are thousands of Bolivar Cutters out there. Built to last a lifetime with self sharpening blades. However at this time production and servicing has been halted.